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Be one of our IEEE WIE ILS '17 sponsors and reap the many benefits that come along.

  • Promotional Slots of 3 – 7 minutes during the Event.
  • Access to approximately 15,000 influential and engaged delegates.
  • Connections with leading industry professionals & the chance to unlock and share knowledge.
  • The opportunity to support attendance of leading professionals from all over the country.
  • Corporate networking + promotional and branding opportunities.
  • Naming rights sponsorship of the IEEE WIE International Leadership Summit,Islamabad 2017, incorporating the Sponsors logo in all signage and promotional material.
  • Incorporating Sponsor Links and Pixel Ads on Official website.
  • Sponsors Logo on ILS’s on-site back drop.
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IEEE WIE International Leadership Summit is meant to provide global initiatives that focus on inspiration, leadership, empowerment and entrepreneurship for mid-to-senior level women in technology.

IEEE Women in Engineering Leadership Summits (2015 - 2016) were extremely successful and have made an outstanding impact on communities around the globe! WIE volunteers are creative, engaged, organized and super passionate. These summits have provided opportunities for networking, mentorship, and collaboration.

With IEEE WIE International Leadership Summit Islamabad 2017, be prepared to inspire around 300+ women leaders from around the world, from different fields and share your brand leadership experiences with them. Be a leader to summit participants so they may follow the esteemed vision and mission of your brand by partnering with us.
Lead the change you want to see in society! Your partnership with IEEE WIE ILS will not only bring forth the technical of your organization, but also would help the electrified audience to be aware of the strengths of technology you offer. Therefore, it will be a great platform to exchange ideas, facilitate technology leadership development and recruitment of talent for mutual benefits.
Get the ability to showcase your research and development in various technology and business domains to the audience to fuel up the thoughts of the already enthusiastic audience, in the process get ideas from them too! IEEE WIE ILS 2017 facilitates the mutual sharing of knowledge and supports exemplary ideas. Leading edge companies will bask in the appreciation they get by sharing their experiences and making the women technologists aware of the power of Innovation.

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