Ms. Youmna El Bitar

Ms. Youmna El Bitar graduated from the American University of Beirut – Lebanon with a BE in Telecommunications Engineering, a subject she is passionate about since childhood. Until recently, she worked as a Radio Planning and Optimization (RNPO) Engineer with Zain Lebanon (also known as “touch”). She is currently due to start her Master’s degree in Management at the Technical University of Munich – Germany.

IEEE has always been at the core of Youmna’s volunteering work. Currently, Youmna is the Region 8 WIE Coordinator, and a member of MGA WIE Committee. She is also a member of MGA SAC, taking care of the IEEE SPAA (Student Professional Awareness Activities) Program in Regions 7, 8, 9, and 10. She is an active member of the Young Professionals – Lebanon Affinity Group as well.

Youmna’s IEEE story began when she joined her university’s IEEE Student Branch in 2010 and started organizing activities and events. In 2011, she joined the Third Middle-East Student Branch Congress organizing committee as speakers’ representative and head of program, a role she assumed until the Congress took place in 2013. Youmna’s previous roles include: R8 SAC Projects Coordinator (2015/2016), receiving the IEEE Region 8 achievement award for the main project, “Mind the Gap!” Contest; Region 8 Assistant Secretary (2015/2016); and R8 SACElectronic Communications Coordinator (2014).