Ms. Sihah Waris

Ms. Sihah Waris is a tech entrepreneur, whose professional journey began when she launched Solugix Pvt Ltd in 2013, an IT firm focusing on web development and design services, providing IT solutions to small and medium companies worldwide. In 2015, she was granted a scholarship to join the first batch of students at the Islamabad Chapter of the Founder Institute. She became the first female graduate of this prestigious entrepreneurship accelerator program, and was even declared the “Top Founder” for her new startup, RiseMom.

Rise Mom focuses on enabling professional women to balance the demands of career advancement with the demands of motherhood, by creating a stress-free online daycare monitoring system. The online platform and mobile application connect working mothers to their kids through live video feeds and status updates about their child’s activities. The Start Up can thus be seen to offer a techno-social solution that may reduce the percentage of women that quit their jobs upon having children.

More generally, Ms. Sihah aspires to promote female entrepreneurship in Pakistan. She dreamed of building a company of her own from a young age and with its’ fulfillment she now aims to continue managing startups, mentoring founders and inspiring women to be independent and self sufficient. She believes that the secret to her success lies in self-belief, motivation and passion and wants to share this message with women all over the country.