Ms. Riffat Ara Qureshi

Ms. Riffat Ara Qureshi is presently, working in grade 20 as General Manager (Training) WAPDA. Served as Director/Director General (Training) for 13 years at WAPDA Administrative Staff College Islamabad.

Field of interest is "Capacity Building of Human Resource through Training". She visited as Speaker in the distinct Institutions regarding Training & Development, HR & Admn and Capacity Building, taught OB modules in Pakistan Institute of Quality Control under NUST.

She visited abroad for Senior Management Courses with WAPDA Administrative Staff College (WASC) as Team Leader in well renowned Technical Engineering Manufacturing Factories in many countries. She also studied IQBAI's concept of "KHUDI" and delivered lectures in various universities in the light of Quranic Verses and Maulana Roomi's teaching.