Ms. Mehvish Zahoor

Ms. Mehvish Zahoor is IEEE Region 10 (Asia & Pacific) Student Representative (RSR) 2015-16 and PhD Scholar in Nanobiotechnology group at National Institute for Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering (NIBGE) Faisalabad, Pakistan. Her research interests include development of nanomaterials and understanding the behavior of the nanomaterials used for photocatalysis.

She has been part of IEEE since 08 years and was the founder of IEEE Pakistan WIE Forum, which was formulated in 2010. This forum integrates affinity groups of Pakistan. She organized national and international level events. She is the 1st winner of “2012 IEEE R10 Best WIE Volunteer Award" from R10 WIE Committee. She also initiated WIE Lahore and projects related to Women empowerment and Pre University programs. She is pioneer of “Outstanding member of the year award 2014” by WIE Global Committee. She was one of the organizers of R10- Student/YP/WIE Congress Colombo last year. She is leading Asia pacific “IEEE R10 Mentors Forum: Revamping SB” and global projects this year. Mehvish believes to use her knowledge and skills to help making a difference in her community.